eyetracking tool

Eye Spy


The new eye-catcher

With EyeSpy, we use a groundbreaking, self-developed tool that helps us to analyze and optimize the way things visually work for the people we want to address.

EyeSpy is an eyetracking tool especially developed for smartphone appearances, like apps, web apps, mobile websites or mobile ads. We use EyeSpy to get real-time feedback on how mobile users look at a mobile screen. The results of multiple users will be aggregated to one consolidated score in form of a »big picture«.

Regarding Healthcare Communications, we have access to the DocCheck research panel, which enables us to recruit Healthcare Professionals for such kind of mobile eyetracking (e.g. to test a mobile congress app or to evaluate an eDetailing application).
Please contact us at antwerpes if you want to have an app evaluated.

EyeSpy momentarily runs on Apple devices like the iPhone X which include the according camera system.

In the near future, EyeSpy will be available for everyone via a licensing model.

Stay tuned for that!

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Chief Digital Officer

Christiane Schrix


Head of Tech & Innovation

Matthias Stubbe